Mineola Pedal for Paws

Thanks to all the riders who braved the unexpected rin to participate in the 2016 Pedal for Paws bike ride.

Comments on 2016 ride that we received truly reflects the spirit of our ride.

"I wanted to let the organizers of Pedals for Paws know what an outstanding job Chris did in supporting my ride.  I was the last rider in the 65 mile group and Chris followed me i his car all the way to the finish line.  He must have been bored to tears, but he siad he was determined that I should have a safee, supported ride from beginning to end.  Most bike rallys I have participated in leave the slower riders to their own devices; if your bike breaks down or you have a crash, you are left on your own after a certain number of hours--all support stops and the rest stops are dismantled, no matter if there are still riders out on the road or not.  Again, I want the organizers of Pedals for Paws know that Chris provided excellent support for my ride."

Many riders liked our Rest Stops:

"The first rest stop at New Hope was a pleasant surprise: it was still open for these late starters and indoors.  Outside they had a bike rack, inside the church were fruit, water, sport drink, pickle juice and a volunteer offer sausage biscuits."

"You could skip all the rest stops except you should stop at the last one.  At this one the Boy Scouts were serving Cherry Apple Cobbler they had baked in a Dutch oven over a camp fire at the rest stop."

"At the finish, a volunteer was waving riders into the Nature Preserve, there was a large bike rack at the finish, complimentary red beans and rice and live music from a duet playing oldies.  In addition, the ride had a massage therapist taking donations for the dire charity, the Animal Preservation of East Texas (SPCA).  Of all the rides I've been to this year, this was the best organized.  They did everything right."